The Cello Lesson

A/N:  This is a very short drabble.  Feedback is appreciated.

I’m sitting on the sofa when Richard wiggles in behind me.  The cello is heavier than I expected and is a bit wobbly in my grasp.

Richard, I don’t think this is a good idea… I’m bound to be terrible at it, we’ll both go deaf.” I say hesitantly.

“Don’t be silly.  I’ll help you. First lets just start with holding the cello still.”  He encourages with a voice like velvet.  His long arms come forward and rest just above my own, shirt sleeves rolled up to the elbows.  He places one hand over mine at the neck of the instrument.  “Here, like this, a little more upright.”  He instructs, guiding the cello with ease.  His other hand he wraps around mine as I grasp the bow.

I have to take a deep breath to calm my nerves.  “Sooo…?”  I say, biting my lip.  I move the bow closer to the strings.

“Yes, place the bow here, like this.” Richards tells me as he moves my hand and bow closer, resting it gently on the strings of the cello.  “Now gently pull it across the strings, keep the pressure steady.”  He’s leaning in closer to me, his breath warm on my neck.

I tighten my grip on the bow and his grip on my hand tightens in response.  The sound from the bow is just as I expected, nails on a chalkboard.  I cringe and stop moving the bow.

“It’s ok, relax.  Let’s try again.”  His voice is soft and patient.

Again, I begin to pull the bow across the strings, as soon as a squeak comes out I stop.  We do this four or five more times. Finally I let out a frustrated groan.  “I’m not really that musical.  I studied oboe as a teenager, but I just don’t have the talent.”  I said.

“Come on now, you mustn’t give up so easily.  Once more, and don’t quit when the sound starts, keep going.  Relax.”  Richard tells me. 

“OK. OK.”  I take a deep breath as Richard places the bow against the strings in starting position.  His hand still gripping mine firmly begins to pull the bow across the strings, the sound slightly less unbearable than before.  I exhale, letting out a breath I didn’t know I was holding, and relax, feeling my shoulders rest against his chest. 

The bow reaches the end and Richard lets go of my hand. I immediately miss the warmth of it against my skin. 

“That was a good start.”  He purrs in my ear.  His now free hand reaches up and brushes the hair off my neck.  His lips find the sensitive spot behind my ear; they are softer and warmer than I expected, and he uses the perfect amount of pressure before his tongue darts send a shiver down my spine.  I turn to face him and his lips claim mine.  His tongue darts forward again, begging for entrance.  I open to him as my eyes flutter shut.  As I relax against him I can feel his hardened length pressing against my back.

“I think we should continue this lesson a little later.”  I suggest, my voice already betraying the growing desire I feel. 

“Yes, let’s do.”  He replies, his lips barely leaving mine. 

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