Recovery- Chapter 15 Submitted by Obscura

Once they were on the road heading back toward the SUV John glanced at Lindsey and asked,

“What did you say to him back there?”

“I told him that I knew he understood English and to get up or I’d shoot him myself,” Lindsey replied calmly reaching behind her to slide the pistol he’d given her back into John’s pack.

“I didn’t know you spoke Arabic,” he said before shaking his head and continuing, “ I’m not clear at all on what’s going on here – can you fill me in from the beginning?” 


Finding Salem (RA/Reader), Part II: Sunset on a Spring Evening

Richard turned off the highway just as the sun was beginning to set, bathing the sky in a tie-dye of oranges, purples, pinks, and blues. The windows were open, letting in the cool spring air that smelled of grass and trees and the wildflowers in the clearing.

"It’s beautiful," you remarked and pushed your sunglasses atop your head. With the sun descending, you didn’t need them anymore.

"It is," Richard agreed. "Brings to mind one of John’s lines."

"Which one?" you inquired, trying to remember the scenes he had rehearsed with you.

His features softened, and a wistful expression appeared on his face as he stared into the distance.

 “‘Massachusetts is a beauty in the spring,’” he recited. “And now I know what Proctor meant.”

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Misty Mountains

Title: Misty Mountains

Chapter Number/One-Shot:One-Shot

Author: @paigeelisehalelahey


Summary: Richard’s pregnant wife is woken up by their daughter kicking.

Tish was awoken by Katarina kicking her. She gently sat up, trying not to wake her husband. She got out of bed and padded into the living room. She browsed their DVD collection before settling on one.


Richard rolled over onto his stomach and stretched out so his hand was on his wife’s side of the bed. He opened his eyes when he realized she wasn’t there. He didn’t hear anything coming from the bathroom, but he could hear his voice coming from the TV. He got up and made his way into the living ro

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Before the Storm ~ Chapter 4/4 ~ A Gary Fuller Fic

~ January 2012~

Gary and Leah soon got over the tentative shyness and began seeing each other every week, then a couple of times a week and then talking every night on the phone when they hadn’t seen each other.  Trey noticed his dad seemed less morose and he liked it; he liked the teasing and the thoughtful little things his dad started doing again.  Trey had forgotten that his dad used to be fun.

Gary felt like he was constantly swimming over his head.  Everything was new and exhilarating to him; and addictive.   He’d been with Kim since he was 16 years old and had no idea how people dated.  There were times he felt so awkward he wanted to just call it all off, but he liked Leah so much and wanted to be with her enough to power through it.   Leah was great at sensing when he got stuck and would make a suggestion, or offer an invitation, to move things along.   She was a strong frontier woman and any thought that she was a delicate flower who depended on a man existed only because she created the impression,and made you think it was your idea to start with.

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Chimaera, Chapter 17: Truths and Lies

A/N: There’s a bit of Russian (phonetic, not Cyrillic) in this chapter, so check the end for a translation.

The Grid was a flurry of activity when Varinia arrived the next morning, sans Lucas, who had left early to track down more potential labs. She glanced around the room, somewhat deterred, as phones rang and computers beeped and Harry’s angry voice floated from his office.

"He’s talking with the Russians," Tariq said, following her gaze to Harry’s open door. "After CO19 seized Kolesnikov at Custom House yesterday, the Russians demanded custody of him."

"That’s rich of them," she scoffed. "Where were their agents when Kolesnikov was traipsing all over London?"

Tariq flashed her a wry smile. “You can see why he’s a bit cross.”

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Chimaera, Chapter 16: Words Translated

With the reply to The Cleansers’ message completed, Varinia sat uselessly at her desk, re-reading her notes on Chimaera. Tariq had managed to hack Kolesnikov’s e-mail service and write a program that allowed him to substitute a given e-mail address with another one. He’d called it a mirror site of sorts, explaining that this way, instead of seeing the random e-mail address Tariq had created, Kolesnikov would see the e-mail address of his intended contact.

"So he won’t suspect we’ve interfered?" Varinia checked. She had been nervous about the plan from the outset, but now that it was about to reach fruition, her stomach roiled from the anxiety.

"Kolesnikov will see what he’s expecting to see," Tariq answered. "A reply from his colleague in Russia."

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Manna from Heaven 38/42 Guy of Gisborne

Manna from Heaven

Chapter 38

…I will go


He squeezed her tighter, as if to ensure Genevieve was really there. “Douma, the Angel of Death. Have you ever had a walk or chat with her?” Guy looked down, to see her shaking her head, horrified. “Oh, it is quite interesting. Not frightening at all.”


“Perhaps, on second thought, it is a bit frightening. At first.” Guy’s thoughts went back… so long ago. “One minute,” he whispered, “one minute, you were there, in my arms, almost like this and then…”


One minute, she was there. She was there, just in front of him, looking up at him, in his arms and smiling… smiling in sheer joy and telling him she loved him. Guy pulled her closer, an equally huge smile on his face. For the first time since he could remember, he was… happy. He knew it wouldn’t last for much longer, but he wanted to burn this memory, etch it into his brain. He was happy. And then…

She was gone.


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Riding the Waves

a Gay pirate story staring Michael Fassbender and Richard Armitage.

rated m

author: queencaitlin135

Recover- Chapter 14- Submitted by Obscura via email
Recovery 14

By the time the door opened fully and a booted foot slowly crossed the threshold from the darkness of the hall, Lindsey had formulated a plan. Retracting the blade of the knife in her hand, she didn’t pause to look but cried, “Alex run!” as she charged forward, with her head down to leg tackle the “intruder.” Lindsey didn’t register Alex’s incredulous voice say, “DAD?!” until she landed flat on her back on the thick carpet, her tackle efficiently blocked. She looked up, stunned to see John smiling down at her.

“I told you that you wouldn’t get the drop on me again luv!” he said before propping a rifle against the door and reaching down to pull Lindsey to her feet and into his arms. When he released her and turned to hug Alex, Lindsey felt a dam inside her burst. All of the control that she’d exerted over the past few days dissolved and she dropped her head into her hands and wept with relief. He had come to rescue them – she hadn’t dared to think about such a thing, and now the reality of it simply overwhelmed what was left of her defenses.