New chapter of Chimaera by arianafandoms is up…
Go read….Lucas!!!

New chapter of Chimaera by arianafandoms is up…

Go read….Lucas!!!

Chimaera, Chapter 15: The Cleansers

Dum spiro, spero,” Varinia read softly, a finger tracing the letters. “While I live, I hope.”

Lying on his stomach, Lucas craned his neck to look at her. She was staring at his back, her bottom lip between her teeth. Lucas knew she was thinking, and he could guess about what.

"Tattooing’s part of the culture there," he said, echoing his words to Harry two years ago. "It’s necessary if you want to survive."

Varinia nodded mutely and kissed the tattoo on his left shoulder. “What does this one mean?”

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Manna from Heaven 36

Manna from Heaven

Chapter 36

…from following after thee

If the seconds between the time Genevieve entered the intersection and the time her car stopped went by in slow motion, the following two months sped by and more than made up for it.

Word spread like wildfire throughout the office of Robinson Architects that Genevieve had come out of her coma and made it clear things weren’t changing. The strange man who had been literally camped in her office and going through the personnel office records, wasn’t the buyer, but her new attorney who promised that sale wasn’t happening.

Cris suddenly found himself inundated with home-made meals and cookies and cakes.

And flirted with in ways that made him want to hide. Southern women knew a drawl and a slow, sexy walk could bring a normal man to his knees!

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Recovery- Submitted by Obscura
Recovery 13

To the casual observer, John Porter looked alert and focused, but a closer inspection revealed a frequent tick in his clenched jaw and a steely glint in his eyes. Porter had been on dozens of search and rescue missions like this. He knew the drill inside and out, but sitting in the belly of a C17 transport plane as it prepared for a routine supply run to the British sovereign bases on Cyprus, he was working hard to master his emotions.

One moment John was furious with Lindsey for putting herself and Alex into danger. The next he reasoned that she hadn’t really done anything to court danger – sometimes things simply happened. Worse, was his crippling fear that something would happen to them before he could reach them. John’s feelings about this hadn’t changed since he’d confided them to Lindsey in November. Alex was his flesh and blood, his only child. Lindsey was his heart and soul. He wasn’t sure that he would survive if anything happened to either, or worse, both of them. 


{Chapter Eighteen} obligatory smut warning.

{AU Professor Richard Armitage is a Psychology instructor at the University of Texas - Austin. His top student, Hadley Faraday, is incredibly gifted, yet hides who she really is; and Richard is attempting to pick up the pieces of his broken life and move forward from a devastating past.} {Original Female Character; Developing Relationship; Angst; Explicit Language; Tension.}

Before theStorm ~ Gary Fuller fic ~ Chapter 2/4

~ May 2010 ~

Gary washed out the glasses and put them away.   With a weary sigh he slumped down heavily on the kitchen chair and dropped his head into his hands.   It hadn’t gone to plan, in fact, it had been too close for comfort to going to hell in a hand basket.  He was exhausted all the time, his sons couldn’t stand him, work sucked, and he felt like a hamster on a wheel.  

Every day was the same:  argue with the boys to get them out of bed, rush to make it to school on time, teach his classes, do whatever was needed as the head of the English department and shout himself coarse coaching junior varsity football.  On the way home, he’d grab some groceries for make dinner, go over homework, drive to lessons, do some laundry, chores, and prepare for the next day.  Work at school, work at home, lather, rinse, repeat.

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Finding Salem (RA/Reader), Part 1: The Drive

A/N: Inspired by Richard Armitage’s account of his trip to Danvers (AKA Salem), Massachusetts, this short story is my little embellishment of it. Includes allusions to and/or quotes from The Crucible.

You pulled your legs up under you, crossing them, the leather of the passenger seat cool beneath your bare feet. You and Richard had been driving for three hours, on your way from New York City to Danvers, Massachusetts. When he’d decided to take a trip to the 17th century town for character research, he had invited you to accompany him. You’d been sorely tempted, but your full-time job demanded priority, and you had initially declined. Richard, of course, had understood, but that night’s sex had been particularly passionate, reminding you of your most recent skiing holiday in France. And the next morning, as he brought you breakfast in bed that was suspiciously reminiscent of the one you two had shared at the French chalet, you realized he’d been scheming all along.

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Chimaera, Chapter 14: Unwind

A/N: This chapter is NSFW.

Lucas couldn’t remember the last time he had left the Grid at a reasonable hour. The team liaised, monitored, and translated until three in the morning, but only Varinia had made any real progress. Lucas’ subtle questions to the Russians yielded very little useful information. Apparently, they’d been completely ignorant to Kolesnikov’s plot, or so they had insisted. But now that they knew, they would keep an eye on him, sending two agents to observe his comings and goings. Lucas doubted the FSB would discover anything significant. Tariq hadn’t, except that Kolesnikov visited various internet cafes shortly before sending or receiving a Chimaera message. He did not communicate his organisation’s plans for an epidemic at home, that much was obvious. But otherwise, the rogue Russian lived an uninteresting life.

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{chapter four} smut warning.

{what happens when two of the most shy, introverted individuals meet and have a connection so strong they can’t put it into words? will their sudden mutual attraction threaten either one of their solid, professional careers?}

{rpf; established relationship; angst; explicit language; tension; sexual content.}

Soul Healing- Ch 53- submitted by ArianaFandoms

A/N: This is the final chapter of Soul Healing. Thank you to everyone who stuck with it! To those interested, I’ll be submitting a sequel series soon. :)

Rise with me now, and we’ll walk to the shore. We’ll look over the waves to the break of day. And I’ll hold your hand. I’ll hold you close. I’ll wipe away your tears, and no one will know. Come to me now, and together we’ll go where the clearer winds blow, far and beyond. Leaving behind all our sorrow and pride. Kissing them goodbye into another life. 
- “Morning Tide” Poets of the Fall

Thorin disembarked from the ship, glancing around at his surroundings. The first thing he noticed was the harbor. Larger than any he had seen, it was full of boats and ships ferrying goods between Nemere and Middle-earth. For a race that didn’t ordinarily venture far from home, the szelemér nevertheless participated in trade with the elves and men living along Middle-earth’s southwestern coast. Dwarves, though, were rarely encountered, as evidenced by the fairies’ blatant stares.

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