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Recovery- Submitted by Obscura- Chapter 9

Lindsey was relaxing, reading a book on a comfy reclining double lounge chair on her Shinfield patio, when a large shadow moved across her vision.

“I’ve finished building the flower boxes ma’am, is there anything else I can do for you?” the shadow asked in a deep, velvety voice.

Lindsey looked up to find John, dressed in grubby, ripped jeans and a faded green tee shirt, a hammer hanging from the leather tool belt slung low around his lean hips. He was running a hand through his already rumpled dark hair. A shaft of desire coursed through her as she wondered if he had any idea of how irresistible he was, her sexy handyman. Sitting up, Lindsey tossed her book aside and grabbed the handle of the hammer to tug him closer to her, nuzzling her face into the thin green tee shirt that covered his taut belly. Nipping him lightly she said,

“As a matter of fact, I think there is.”


I’ve been posting some smutty RPF at AO3 for a while now, and a friend suggested you might be interested in cross platform posting it here too. I’ll link it in below. If you can use it, great, if not, that’s cool tool


MOD NOTE *** Welcome aboard!!!****

She was just putting the tea kettle on the stove – the cold, rainy afternoon seemed like a great time to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book – when there was a knock at the door. She looked down at the oversized white t-shirt and yoga pants she was wearing and shrugged inwardly as she opened the door. The doorway was filled by a vision of dark hair and blue eyes atop a gorgeously tall, fit frame. He looked at her sheepishly, beads of water dripping from the dark waves of his hair before he said,

“I got caught in a cloudburst and your place was closer than mine. I hope you don’t mind.”

{One-Shot for Running Too Far} Just because Peyton and Richard have arrived in London doesn’t mean they’ve found their happy ending.ning to 

Chimaera, Chapter 7: Turkish Holiday

Please read: When I posted the previous chapter (chapter 6), it was titled “Istanbul,” because apparently I’d forgotten that it wasn’t the capital city and therefore would have the neither Turkish government nor a British embassy. Then I remembered that shit, Ankara is the capital. So I apologize. I just wanted to let you all know, so that when you read this chapter, you’re not confused that suddenly L+V are in Ankara, instead of Istanbul. Thank you!


To Lucas’ surprise, March in Ankara was a lot like March in London, except sunnier. Varinia reveled in it, tilting her face up to the sky, while they waited for a taxi to take them to the flat Tariq had found. Lucas watched appreciatively, a small smile tugging at his lips.

"London’s clouds must have been quite a change for you."

"Oh, they were," she affirmed. "Even in Hungary, we have lots of sunshine in spring. It’s just the winter that’s dreary."

"Are you calling my country dreary?" he asked, in mock-insult.

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{Chapter Twelve} A second date between Richard and Hadley; An argument; A reveal; A misunderstanding…

{AU Professor Richard Armitage is a Psychology instructor at the University of Texas - Austin. His top student, Hadley Faraday, is incredibly gifted, yet hides who she really is; and Richard is attempting to pick up the pieces of his broken life and move forward from a devastating past.} {Original Female Character; Developing Relationship; Angst; Explicit Language; Tension.}

Recovery- Chapter 8 Submitted by “Obscura”

f John thought that Lindsey had been angry after their first quarrel, it was nothing compared to the cold fury she treated him to that evening. She hadn’t spoken a word to him all evening except to answer direct questions in icy monosyllables. By contrast, she was warm and engaging with anyone else who spoke to her, even laughingly practicing her Spanish with the waiter and bus boy, but going silent when they left the table. Upon their return to the villa, she had gone straight to the bedroom and silently closed the door. John sighed as he went to turn off the pool lights.

He had fully expected her to be furious with him for leaving her to find her way back. It was a dirty trick, but she’d proven herself quite ably, and he was ridiculously proud that she had. Truthfully, he’d rather enjoyed her fiery rage after she’d dumped in him the pool the first time. He’d half expected the spat to end the way their Thanksgiving one had, but on the pool deck rather than Lindsey’s kitchen counter. Her frigid silence was another matter completely. John wasn’t entirely sure how to approach her. When he turned the knob to enter the bedroom, he found it locked. Fair enough, he thought as he went into the spare bedroom for the night. Sleep eluded him for a long while as he wondered how to fix this rift. He was increasingly apprehensive about her reaction to the necklace if she found out. Not enough to remove the tracker though. It was highly unlikely that she would accidentally find it, and something in his gut told him that its presence was worth any argument they might have.

Loving Gin 15/15 Thorin Oakenshield/OFC

Chapter 15


At the Mountain King’s Return

One year after the Battle of the Five Armies

The processional slowly made its way up the long gangway. The guards at the entrance relaxed a bit when they realized it was a group of travel-weary dwarves, fellow brethren, kinsmen, most likely, rising from the ashes of Dale. It occurred to them to wonder and ask about the wagon they pulled behind them. As they drew closer and the wind blew the hood from the shortest one leading in the front, the captain of the guard recognized the dwarf, shock, dismay in his eyes. He turned to the dwarf next to him, a young dwarf, barely bearded.

"Go," he whispered urgently. "Go quickly to King Dain. ‘Tis Dís, Thorin Oakenshield’s sister."

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iwillknowmyvoice asked: Hey there, I will get back to posting Wishing for Home as soon as I can, but I want to let you know that I have also started a new Spooks AU fanfiction as well! I hope you enjoy both! Thanks so much for posting what I write!!

Our absolute pleasure!! We are looking forward to both;-)

Chimaera, Chapter 6: Istanbul

When Harry liaised with MI6, he’d learned one of their operatives stationed in Istanbul had dug around and discovered that Altan’s friend had indeed gone missing, two days after Kolesnikov had arrived in London. The two events could not have been coincidence. It was becoming readily apparent that something was happening in Turkey and that the Russians were involved.

Altan bore the news of his friend’s disappearance heavily.

"I don’t really know how these things work," he said, knuckles white as he gripped the edge of the desk. "Is there a chance he could be alive?"

Harry exchanged a glance with Lucas.

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