{chapter four} smut warning.

{what happens when two of the most shy, introverted individuals meet and have a connection so strong they can’t put it into words? will their sudden mutual attraction threaten either one of their solid, professional careers?}

{rpf; established relationship; angst; explicit language; tension; sexual content.}

Soul Healing- Ch 53- submitted by ArianaFandoms

A/N: This is the final chapter of Soul Healing. Thank you to everyone who stuck with it! To those interested, I’ll be submitting a sequel series soon. :)

Rise with me now, and we’ll walk to the shore. We’ll look over the waves to the break of day. And I’ll hold your hand. I’ll hold you close. I’ll wipe away your tears, and no one will know. Come to me now, and together we’ll go where the clearer winds blow, far and beyond. Leaving behind all our sorrow and pride. Kissing them goodbye into another life. 
- “Morning Tide” Poets of the Fall

Thorin disembarked from the ship, glancing around at his surroundings. The first thing he noticed was the harbor. Larger than any he had seen, it was full of boats and ships ferrying goods between Nemere and Middle-earth. For a race that didn’t ordinarily venture far from home, the szelemér nevertheless participated in trade with the elves and men living along Middle-earth’s southwestern coast. Dwarves, though, were rarely encountered, as evidenced by the fairies’ blatant stares.

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Before the Storm~Chapter 1/5~ A Gary Fuller Story Submitted by @jollytr

~ May 2010 ~

Donnie stomped through the living room to the front door and slammed it so hard it rattled in its frame.  He was fed up to the eyeballs with his stupid mother and her stupid apartment and her stupid car and stupid Harry and the stupid weekends.   He hated her for ruining everything.  He hated his stupid Dad too but Mom got the brunt of his anger and frustration.   As she prepared to leave she’d said she loved him but he’d shown her his back as he walked away.  He snorted and wondered if she loved him so much, why she wrecked their family.

“Donnie?  I think you owe your mother an apology.”  Gary Fuller called out to his son.

“No. I. Don’t.”  Donnie spat.

“Don’t take that tone with me, Donnie.  There’s no call for it.”  Gary sighed and raked his hand through his hair.  He cast a glance over to Trey who caught his eye and shrugged.   Trey wasn’t at the receiving end of his older brother’s ire as often as Dad and Mom were, but he’d tasted it enough to feel sorry for his Dad.  Thirteen year olds with attitude did not a pleasant evening make and Donnie was most definitely in a mood.

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Soul Healing, Chapter 52: Climax

"Alina, I need more towels."

Talaitha pressed another cloth into the man’s side, trying to staunch the blood. Her patient had been gored by a boar, and the wound was deep. She feared his spleen had ruptured, because his abdomen was tender and his pulse was far too rapid. Mercifully, though, he had fallen unconscious soon after arriving in the healing wards, so she could focus less on being gentle and more on being quick. Surgery was necessary to stitch the tear, but she suspected there was already too much blood in his abdominal cavity, obscuring the view of his internal organs.

"Here they are," said Alina, piling a dozen clean towels onto the table. She had also brought the alcohol, which Talaitha used to sanitize the area into which she would cut. The knife was held over the candle’s flame, and Talaitha began.

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Happy Guyday

Next chapter for Manna From Heaven by zeesmuse up just in time for Guy Day;-)


Happy Guyday

Next chapter for Manna From Heaven by zeesmuse up just in time for Guy Day;-)

Manna from Heaven 35 Guy of Gisborne/OFC

Manna From Heaven

Chapter 35

Or to return…

Beeeep… Uhm… hi… Genevieve…

Hellooooo my sexy man!

It’s Lamar. Look, I’m going to have to cancel our date tonight… this weekend. I… I had something…



A tall, dark-haired man stood on the corner of the inner city at rush hour, scrutinizing traffic, looking for something, someone. When he saw the car he was watching for come up to the intersection, he pulled out his cell phone and pressed two numbers, his thumb hovering over the third…


something has come up… yes Mother, I’m speaking to her now. No, I do not… look, Genevieve, I’m sorry, but we’re not working out. I need someone more … well… and you’re busy and we’re moving in different … yes Mother, can you just please… right now just isn’t our time. It’s not you, it’s me. We move in different circles. You’ve got a lot going on and we just have different things going on and it’s unfair to both of us. Maybe … I’m sorry, this is just hard… I’m sorry. I… have tickets for us for the Red Cross Ball in a few weeks, but I don’t think it would be in… your best interests to go with me, I’ll find someone… else…I’m sorry. Good luck with your new business venture. I know you’ll do well. Bye.

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The Spoils of the Dwagon: The Sons of Durin


A Blue Mountain/Uncle Thorin series ficlet

Loving Gin Universe

Thorin stood in front of the entrance of his home, deep in Tumunzahar, wiping the sweat from his brow. It wasn’t the sweat that bothered him, no. He was a dwarf and a dwarf was built, engineered for the smithy. It wasn’t the exhaustion in his muscles. Again, he was a dwarf and a dwarf was built for this sort of hard, laboring work.

But he was exhausted and deep inside, he knew why he was exhausted. There was no one on the other side of the entrance to welcome him, to hug him, to love him.

Not even to cook for him. That was self-centered, yes. But there was no one there on the other side to make these chambers a home. He could care less about the rooms, the abundance within them, there was simply no one there, but himself.

At least there was a tub and a bed. That’s all that mattered now.

The first thing he noticed when he entered the entry way, was there was light. Not just there in the entrance, but back through the chambers. Light in the kitchen, light in the hall, light in the bathing chamber.

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Anonymous asked: I just discovered you have a Alec Track fic! Magnificent. Love your blog!

Awww Thank you anon…we are grateful to all the authors who submit and do our best to cover all the ChaRActers possible!!

Photo by Leslie Hassler

Two for Tuesday darlings…

A little Into the Storm/Gary Fuller and Chimaera/Lucas North

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Chimaera, Chapter 13: Beautiful Sights

Lucas and Varinia were just exiting the Hagia Sofia when his mobile rang.

"It’s Harry," he said and hesitated before answering it, knowing that if he did, it meant their Turkish holiday would be cut short. "Hi, Harry."

Varinia led him to a secluded area by the ancient ruins of the original Christian church, watching in concern as the spy’s expression grew increasingly grave. She waited impatiently, but to her relief, the conversation was brief.

"We need to get back to London as soon as possible," Lucas announced. "There’s been another Chimaera message."

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