{chapter two} packing + backstory + toys + new adventures.

{what happens when two of the most shy, introverted individuals meet and have a connection so strong they can’t put it into words? will their sudden mutual attraction threaten either one of their solid, professional careers?}

{rpf; established relationship; angst; explicit language; tension; sexual content.}

Manna from Heaven 33 Guy of Gisborne/OFC

Warning: This is wedding night. Nothing more. Nothing less. Two people in love doing what people in love do; get nekkid and sweat. And say some pretty pink and fluffy stuff. Noooooo plot moving at all. Much.

Manna from Heaven

Chapter 33


“Hello, wife.”

The sound of it felt good, felt right and Genevieve smiled, before her smile fell into something melancholy.

Guy picked up on her mood immediately. “You are not happy? Did I forget something? Have I done something-”

“No!” Genevieve’s hands came up, as if to ward off something evil. “No. It’s just…”

“I have forgotten something, the celebration was not to your liking-”

“Guy, stop.” Now she reached forward, grasping his jerkin. “Everything here was perfect. I just wish my grandmother were here.”

Realization dawned on his features. He bent over, to whisper in her ear. “I wish my mother and father were here. I hope they would think I have chosen well.” With every entrance in the manse locked and barricaded, Guy slowly removed the sling from his jerkin. He extended his arm with a hiss, his fingers stretching widely. He pulled his arm back inwards, watching his fingers claw into a fist. He exhaled and relaxed. “Would you like some wine?” He nodded to the table, where a bottle and two goblets were placed.

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Chimaera, Chapter 10: Body Language

Clive was waiting in the lobby when Lucas and Varinia were admitted through security. He gave them a tense smile in greeting.

"Long night?"

Lucas glanced at Varinia, the dark circles prominent under her eyes. He imagined he looked equally tired.

"You could say that," she hedged.

Varinia must have sounded hesitant, because Clive looked from her to Lucas with a knowing and somewhat amused glint in his eyes. Lucas stepped closer to the linguist. Better the man thought they were involved, rather than hiding potentially significant information.

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Boyfriend for Hire: RA Chapter 13

Summary and A/N: Katie explains the story of her cancer and this is an actual true story of a friend of mine Lizzie who is battling this now! So that’s not mine and she’s letting me use it. Thanks love, you can beat this! Lots of fun antics and romance in this one! Including some drama at the end ;) Happy Reading!

Chapter 13

The eldest Sheridan walked back inside the house after his talk with Richard. He still didn’t think that the young man was telling him the truth about being engaged to his only daughter. Something just wasn’t right. First she brings home a complete stranger who turns out to be a very well-known actor from Peter Jackson’s famous ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy playing the leader of the company of dwarves. Next he finds out that Katie didn’t tell him that she was diagnosed with cancer and that it could come back at any moment. One of everyone’s dreams was for Katie and Kyle to have children, but with Katie having that cancer, her doctor said it was possible, but it would be risky. Letting out a sigh, he entered the kitchen and slumped into the stool at the island.

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Recover- Chapter 11- Submitted by Obscura
  1. More plot action…

    Text in italics is spoken in Arabic

    Lindsey squeezed Alex’s bound hands with her own and tried to communicate a sense of calm that she didn’t really feel at the moment. “It will be OK,” her green eyes said silently to Alex. She wasn’t sure it was true, but she was sure that their best chance lay with remaining calm and rational. She breathed a small sigh as she saw the panic in Alex’s blue eyes fade a little, and heard her rapid breathing slow. When Alex closed her eyes and rested her head on her hands, Lindsey squeezed them again and then moved her hands down as if to rub her leg. She didn’t want to give Alex any false hope or misplaced bravado, but her lips curved into a small smile as her fingers found something that their captors had missed in their search.

    Lindsey laughed silently to herself as she remembered thinking this morning, while she slid a small, slim switch blade and two hundred Turkish Lira into the hidden pocket in her sock, that John’s constant cautions must have rubbed off on her. Since the pocket was inside the collar of her hiking boot, the man who’d searched her hadn’t found it. It wasn’t much, but it was something. At the very least, she could cut them loose if given an opportunity. She could hear the voice of her Krav Maga instructor telling her repeatedly that her biggest advantage against a larger, stronger male was that men often underestimated the ability of a woman to defend herself. It was her first priority to take advantage of that fact when the time came. For now though, she needed to wait and watch.


Anonymous asked: Pssst - there is more Doctor Track coming, dear anon ;) I just haven't gotten round to writing him (rl stealing my time).

There you go;-)

More Dr. Track coming soon!!!

{Chapter Fifteen} Hadley endures a heartbreaking situation.

{AU Professor Richard Armitage is a Psychology instructor at the University of Texas - Austin. His top student, Hadley Faraday, is incredibly gifted, yet hides who she really is; and Richard is attempting to pick up the pieces of his broken life and move forward from a devastating past.} {Original Female Character; Developing Relationship; Angst; Explicit Language; Tension.}

Anonymous asked: Hi! I just read that Alec Track doctor play fic and I can't tell you how turned on I am. Is there more to come? When will you publish it? Or was it a one-shot?

Ahhhh. I don’t recall what the author said…I hope it isn’t a one shot…

Shout out for more Dr. Track…

{chapter one} an argument + smut {nsfw}.

{what happens when two of the most shy, introverted individuals meet and have a connection so strong they can’t put it into words? will their sudden mutual attraction threaten either one of their solid, professional careers?}

{rpf; established relationship; angst; explicit language; tension; sexual content.}